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10-29-2001, 05:52 PM
Eh, I already typed this once, but accidently
posted it before I was finished. I deleted it,
and will post it again.

Anyway, there's this company called overstock.com.
They go around to all the failing internet
buisinesses and buy-out their remaing merchandise.
Then they sell that merchandise on their website
for a very low price.

They've been profiled on a lot of national TV shows.
This morning they were interviewed by my local
news-station (the company is located in my state).

I went to their site, and the had a lot of really
cheap computer-related-products. I don't know
how good this stuff is, though. So, for all you
informed people--will you please give me some
opinions? Is this site selling good products?

Computer Departmnet (http://www.overstock.com/cgi-bin/d2.cgi?PAGE=DEPLIST&dep_id=27)

Memory: (http://www.overstock.com/cgi-bin/d2.cgi?PAGE=CATLIST&pro_sub_cat=272&pro_ssub_cat=126)
Koala Memory 128MB SDRAM PC-133 Memory. $28.00

Desktop Computers (http://www.overstock.com/cgi-bin/d2.cgi?PAGE=CATLIST&pro_sub_cat=270&pro_ssub_cat=132)
Athlon 950mhz.
128mb Ram
30GB HD.
Windows ME.
Price: $599.

Please excuse spelling/grammar. Just woke up:)

10-29-2001, 06:16 PM
>Koala Memory 128MB SDRAM PC-133 Memory. $28.00

i got my 256 piece for 50, it's an LD generic though, but still... how good is 128/28? just curious... as well as the PC deal too, maybe that's better... haven't upgraded my CPU for a long time... [still on a 450 PIII...]


10-29-2001, 06:31 PM
> got my 256 piece for 50, it's an LD generic though<

I got 512MB at Fry's (that Ram ram everywhere thread... incase anyone was wondering it DID work)

I also saw a machine running at 1.4Ghz (AMD Athlon) with 512MB of RAM, and a 30gig HD for $599 at a local store (no dvd though..). So im not sure if these deals are all that great.....

10-29-2001, 06:38 PM

10-29-2001, 07:10 PM
i don't know if myne supports 512s... but anyway i don't need that much anyway...ahem... hmmm... i think my dad told me about pricewatch, but we've not gone [together] to a show in a long time... i'll have to kickstart that i hope again..........