View Full Version : DLS and Remote Terminals and ISP's

06-09-2003, 10:01 PM
I was talking to a SBC dsl tech today and I was told that Im to Far from the DSLAM to get dsl. That is until SBC installs a Remote Terminal that will bring me to with in range. Now Britsys has a killer Barebones DSL package that I want to get but they are only able to look at my phone number from the CO to my appartment. When SBC installs the Remote Terminal will Britsys be able to use the RT to get me into there dsl package or will SBC use this to keep try and force me into there higher prices, slower and PPPoE DSL service?
Its a really nice one. 45 for 1.5M/786K with 1 static and no PPPoE, or port blocking.


Oh FYI if any one want to know its the "cable buster" (http://www.britsys.net/DSL/Adsl.html) Package