View Full Version : I can't spell...

05-08-2003, 08:07 AM
Over the past few months I have sent many, many resumes to
employers through email. I use the body of the email as my cover-
letter (which is pretty much the same for each employer. Small
changes) and attach my resume as an .RTF document.

Each email ends with "Resume Attatched."

Since when is Attatched spelled Attached...? Who's responsible
for the removal of that extra T..?

I don't use Spell Check because I don't have it. The Spelling...
option in Outlook is always grayed out. And I don't have any fancy-
schmancy word processors installed on my computer. Just Wordpad
and Notepad. Besides, I've always thought that my obsessive
proofreading would be enough.

If an employer had two resumes, same qualifications, they're
definitely going to call the person who knows how to spell attached.