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04-02-2003, 05:58 PM
Note: this is not going to be pg-13, close the thread or delete it if you want but I need to write this out and post it somewhere...

May god **** the guidance department of my school to the seventh fiery circle of hell. I don't $$$$ing believe it my guidance department just cost me almost $30K. Ok here’s the deal, for some unknown $$$$ing reason my school won't send student transcripts to the University of Virginia, or Virginia Tech (and those are both in state where about 90% of the students from my school apply). But they don't tell anyone they don't, and they had every opportunity to. When I saw my counselor to have them send my letters of recommendation and resume and other things they saw that I was applying there and didn't say anything. Instead, some other student had to tell me this. So by the time I got my report card copied and sent to them it was 15-20 days later than when they requested it. Now I got into the other two schools I applied, Rose-Hulman and Case Western. These schools are ranked as the number 1 undergraduate only engineering school and a top 30 school of those offering doctorate degrees respectively. I could understand not getting into UVA I was on the border there but not getting into Virginia Tech is outrageous. Virginia tech is like a top 75 school, considering where else I got in the idea that I didn't because of some other reason is laughable. So now, it looks like I will be forced into paying over $30K a year in tuition. Can anyone else say lawsuit.

On a side note: any opinion on where I should go Rose-Hulman or Case Western.

My wrath will be felt; the school board will tremble at the sound of my name. MUWHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Man am I ........ed

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04-02-2003, 06:07 PM
I'm sorry. But I'm unsure if you would win a lawsuit.

Have you tried explaining to Virginia Tech? They do ask for official transcripts, and in doing so, the school needs to do that. A school refusing to send transcripts is just dumb. I don't know why they don't. They should know that colleges ask for high schools to send official transcripts.

However, is there a guaranteed admission program at Virginia Tech? If there isn't, there is the chance that they rejected you based on their terms and not based on getting the transcript and other info late.

As for which school, it is up to you. I was accepted to Rose-Hulman as well, and I know it is expensive. ~$37k per year expected total costs. But you have to decide which you believe that you would like to go to.

Best of luck!

dP munky
04-02-2003, 07:59 PM
sorry to hear about the $$$$'s in the guidence office, when i applied to digipen they were like, "a game programming school, we'd better check this out w/the bbb" and proceeded to wait on getting the wheel's rolling while they "made sure it was a safe investment" the guidence office doesnt have a freakin clue in hell about what theyre doing....im not even kidding. .......check out the latest poll!!!

if it was me i'd go Rose-Hulman, my uncle graduated from there a few years back, avg. student (even though you have to study your balls off to be avg.) and he's making around 95k a year as a structural engineer.

04-03-2003, 07:10 AM
I guess I fail to see how your guidance counselor cost you any money at all. If it's only his fault you didn't get into that school, call and explain it to them. Otherwise, suck it up - you got into other good schools.