View Full Version : drum kits (or sets, for you americans)

10-21-2001, 05:49 PM
currently i have a black CB Max set and it sounds alright. I have a 22" bass, and 12" 13" and 16" toms with a no-name snare (i'm getting a new one soon) that doesn't sound that great... metal rims and all. My ride cymbal is a Sabian B8 and my crash is a camber... my hi-hat cymbals are Sabian B8's also and don't sound that great....

i'm looking to get another crash (preferably Zildjan... any suggestions?), a splash and another floor tom, maybe 15 or 14". I've also been pondering getting a double pedal (one of my friends has one... they're very cool.). I'm also getting a new snare soon.

Any suggestions on what i should get?
Do any of you have kits? what stuff do you have?