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03-19-2003, 08:46 AM
***If you haven't yet read the Dune series, turn back now. And while you're at it, get to the nearest library or bookstore and start reading. Is good, yes.***

[ranting fanboy]
I watched about half an hour of Children of Dune last night and I, being one one of the biggest Dune fans around, hated it. In the first 10 minutes I had already started a list of things that were just wrong:
1. The 'thopters simply weren't 'thopters.
2. Leto and Ghanima were too old (in the book they are nine years old, in the movie they are on the order of 17 or 18)
3. In the book, Jessica wore the black aba robe of a Reverend Mother at all times.
4. Where's Gurney's inkvine scar?
5. Duncan Idaho's hair is supposed to be black, not brown.
6. This particular Duncan, the first of the Idaho gholas, is supposed to have tleilaxu metal eyes.
7. Shai-hulud does not congregate.

These are all that I can remember for now.
[/ranting fanboy]

03-19-2003, 08:49 AM
Holy nitpicking, Batman!

03-19-2003, 08:51 AM
When you've read the series 7 or 8 times, anything wrong just stands out like a sore thumb.

03-19-2003, 08:53 AM
Point taken, but except for 2, 6, and 7 it kinda seems like you're really reaching... I haven't read the book in awhile, but I can't recall Duncan's hair color being a really big deal...

03-19-2003, 08:57 AM
I can't recall Duncan's hair color being a really big deal...
His hair is the most often mentioned physical characteristic in the whole series.

The ages matter because a major part of their "strangeness" was due to their truly ancient state of mind while appearing as innocent children.

The metal eyes were a major part of that particular ghola-Idaho's persona, they were physical evidence of tleilaxu.

03-19-2003, 08:59 AM
> The ages matter

I know - I totally agree (that's why I mentioned it)

> His hair is the most often mentioned physical characteristic in the whole series.

That may be, but is it really super important besides that? It's not like they made the Fremen's eyes glow orange now or anything...

03-19-2003, 09:05 AM
yes deathstryke is being just a little nitpicky. it has been about six months since i last read the series and i dont remeber all the details quite as well as he does. having the kids be old and the thopters looking like jets do sound like serious problems to me. let duncan's hair color go though. jeez.

03-19-2003, 09:05 AM
Oops, I misinterpreted your response. I thought that you meant that 2, 6, and 7 were reaching.

03-19-2003, 09:09 AM
> I misinterpreted your response

Np... You're obviously way more informed on this than I am - I'm just saying that some things change when they make movies based on books. I remember in the first Dune miniseries Scifi did the Fremen's eyes weren't blue unless they were looking straight at the camera :rolleyes:

03-19-2003, 09:16 AM
I can probably let Gurney's lack of scar slide, simply because his role in these events is (should be) quite limited. Any other time I would be angry because that scar is a perpetual, and painful, reminder of his torturous life on Giedi Prime.

On the eyes...
I always envisioned them more as a solid blue, without pupils, not just a glow. But that is probably to hard an effect to manage, or at least that's probably their excuse.

03-19-2003, 09:23 AM
i always thought of them still having pupils, but everything else including the whites and the centers being blue. im havent actually been watching the series on tv (cause i dont get sci-fi channel) but ill probably get it from someone who tapes it.

03-19-2003, 09:28 AM
I thought about taping it, but it conflicts with my anime taping schedule. That and the fact that I now feel it to be a waste of tape.

I'll just have to start reading again after I finish House Corrino (2nd time)

Finally hit the big 100 eh Jessie? Hurray for you.

03-19-2003, 02:04 PM
I saw it.
I thought it was pretty decent besides the obvious flaws he pointed out.
Also, in the first part, Alia was not mean and sarcastic enough.
I HATED Dune Messiah and Children of Dune, but the Scifi miniseriers wasn't that bad.

03-19-2003, 02:33 PM
My favorite in the series is God Emperor of Dune. I don't know why other than that it is the big turning point of the series. Every thing changes after the 3500 year reign of Leto II.

Jeremy G
03-19-2003, 02:47 PM
I watched the full Children of Dune mini series, and becuase I hadnt read the books, I found it okay. (Aside from the poor visual effects in several places) It was pretty entertaining. The thing about movies is you have to set aside the book and enjoy what is being presented to you. That is YOUR job of movie watching. That is how it is MENT to be. And infact it is YOU who are making errors, and not the movies :)

03-19-2003, 02:52 PM
My theory is: if you're going to make a movie from a book, it damned well better live up to the book. The Dune series is considered by many to be the single greatest work of science fiction. If you can't live up to that, you should even try.

03-19-2003, 04:15 PM
Movies aren't books, they're a separate artistic medium. It's pointless to criticize a movie as being "not like the book". A movie isn't simply a reproduction of the book in visual terms, it's a separate piece of art.