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01-08-2003, 06:39 PM
i dont care what anyone says, im canadian and DAMN proud to be one! if anyone has a problem with this, then please PM me! got a problem with Canadians? well why dont you stop IMITATING US WHEN YOU GO TO KOREA THEN!!!!

seriously! you guys (US people) SLAM canada all the time! yet, when you go to places like korea, which when you helped fight along side us canadians in the Korean war, whenever you go there now, because you guys sent goddamned criminals into korea to fight instead of normal people, korea has a judgement on you! so you guys have been attaching canadian flags to your luggage when you go there! A good friend of mine went to korea to teach english and he got straight prejustice and discriminated against! kids outnumbered him 30 to one and beat him, adults refused to talk to him, and a friggon taxi driver (many of them) refused to drive him anywhere. because the canadian looked like an american! and because americans are dressing and looking like us canadians.

theres a little harsh truth reality. but this is only one of probably a hundred!

stop slamming canada. we are a peacful country. and we keep it that way.

and were helping YOU in that fight with Iraq.

dont like canadians, PM me, youll see why.

when i first came here, noone was my friend or enemy. now since Ride-or-dies signature, and other people (not just on this board but many other) who are us are slamming me about being a dumb canadian.

i just dont understand this anymore!

and please, dont spam my PM box with worthless junk. like "im american, so ha" messages.

to be continued...