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10-17-2002, 10:28 PM
as if spyware isnt bad enough now it removes program from your pc whithout telling you...

Reclaim your right - RADLIGHT silently uninstalls Ad-aware

After we received reports from concerned users, saying that after the installation of Radlight 3.03R5 Ad-aware has been removed from their systems, we have performed several tests that have proven this information to be correct.

We hereby confirm, that upon execution, the Radlight software indeed tries to silently uninstall all Ad-aware components.

All files that are not currently in use, including desktop and start menu items will be removed.

Until now, such malicious activities where commonly known for viruses and Trojans.

There is absolutely no warning for the user, neither in their license agreement, nor on their website, that their
Radlight software 3.03 R5 (which comes bundled with WhenU's SaveNow and New.net),
silently uninstalls Ad-aware or other privacy software.

But even if the fine print would mention something like "Radlight will remove anti-spyware software from your system upon execution"
- it wouldn't make a difference in our eyes.

They have an obligation to inform all users of the full consequences, so that the user has a choice to either continue
with the install or to cancel it. *

Btw, we can at this point only confirm this to be true for Ad-aware, but if you have any information regarding
other security software being affected please submit your findings to us at ann_akerlund@lavasoft.nu

We will make this information publicly available as soon as it has been confirmed.

According to Igor Janos, author of the Radlight software "As adaware's behaviour was hostile to our bundle, I had to defend."
This says the same man who stated that data mining software is really "Helpware".

We consider his "Radlight 3.03 R5" software malware.

Removing software from the users system without requesting permission is a very serious issue. - And is a violation of fundamental privacy rights.

Luckily the privacy community reacted immediately upon this matter.
The details about this issue have spread quickly, and people are preparing.
Cnet removed the harmful software from their servers after they were informed by concerned users.

An updated referencefile that addresses the recent Radlight release is available for download now.
We also released a new AAW distribution, which will not be removed by the current Radlight version.

You are welcome to join the discussion regarding this matter at our support forum.

Nicolas Stark,
Team Lavasoft


10-18-2002, 08:11 AM
Wow, I wonder how many programs it would uninstall without your permission. Im glad I dont use any of those progs to remove adware and spyware. Wouldnt a fire wall protect you from all of that?

Why didnt CNET test the program, before putting it on their website and allowing others to download it?

10-18-2002, 08:27 AM
Wouldnt a fire wall protect you from all of that?

it might stop the spyware from phoning home but it wont stop it from removing ad-aware

10-18-2002, 10:15 AM
Other programs, maybe Kazaa or Bearshare, not sure, do the same thing.