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10-02-2002, 02:00 PM
I am a Financial Professional w/Engineering degree, MBA, CFA
I work in the Derivatives/Securities industry

Most programs at our firms (esp. for Quant.Analysis Trading) are done in C/C++

Which language do YOU guys Suggest I learn.
Yes I have read previous posts from others suggesting that C is more systems-level oriented. More specifically, are all concepts/syntax easily transferable to C++ once learned ?
also, does the C++ envirionment leave out essential UNIX/System level concepts and knowledge. I might add that I will be ("hopefully") dealing with large batches of transaction data and data feeds in unix format. Stock market data is extensive.

I might add that I learn very quickly and complexity is not an issue at the risk of sounding im-modest. and I am not interested in becoming a Guru, simply to get THE JOB I WANT.

Thanks guys in advance, coming from a Third world country, i am still amazed at the power of the NET.


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10-03-2002, 02:41 AM
>>> C is more systems-level oriented.

It is probably fairer to say that most people doing this kind of stuff use C. There is nothing in the language definitions which make one more suitable than the other, after all, you can write "C" code and use a C++ compiler. It is not essential to use object orientation and some of the other stuff which can, (note italics), make C++ programs bigger/slower.

>>> are all concepts/syntax easily transferable to C++ once learned ?

Generally, C++ extends C so yes.

>>> the C++ envirionment leave out essential UNIX/System level

No. The operating system will provide an API which you call from your language. Different OS, different API, although most *NIX systems support the POSIX API standard - you may want to look that up at Google or similar.

I'd suggest C++, and suggest you get a book, and browse tutorials, (there are links in the FAQ). Good luck.

10-03-2002, 07:52 AM
C++ encourages high level programming with abstract standard libraries like the STL. Classes and templates play a large part in that abstraction, which is good. C pretty much requires that you do everything the hard way or use a third party library to help you. In my opinion, C++ is more productive, but also more difficult for a superior programmer to come up with something truly elegant. C is less productive and more error prone for the average programmer, but a superior programmer will create true art with it. ;)

As such, I recommend C++ because it tends to be more forgiving.