View Full Version : Menus in DOS programs

10-06-2001, 04:13 AM
Can anyone give me a hint on how to do menus and menubar in console programs. Or a simple list of options you can use the tab-key to tab to the desired option and return key to make the choice?
Im using VC++, i know this can be done in Borland whith conio.h but Microsoft has stripped conio.h from some of the features, right?!
Any help is realy apreciated, TIA

10-08-2001, 06:46 PM
Just create a list of options, scan for an arrow key being pressed, and each time an arrow key is pressed, move the option-arrow. or, if enter is pressed, select the option.

10-09-2001, 06:19 AM
OK, thanx. But I found out a way myself, by making a class with gotoxy(), setcolor() and highligthrow() member-functions. Wasnt so hard when I figured out where to look(windows.h).