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09-30-2002, 10:56 PM
Im looking for some imput on a program I'd like made. I've checked out a couple places that "rent" codes, like RentaCoder.com and eLance.com and I believe that if this project isn't TOO hard, I can enlist the help of a couple of coders to help me pull it off...

but I wanted to ask all you experts if what I want done is even possible.

I have no idea how to program, I'm a marketter, so sorry if I sound like a moron to you guys.. I probably am.

None the less, what I need is a interface simular to battle.net, Kali and mPlayer.com. Basicly an interface where people can logon to it and seek games with other people looking for simular games. The catch is it also needs to securly handle money transactions between players. Is this possible? What are the problems with doings this.. and if it is possible.. would it be a BIG project to pull off?

ANY Imput at all would be appreciated. Thx guys.

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I am a capatilist like yourself - and would like to be of help to you.

First you need a web SERVER - This can be any old computer, preferrably a high-end comp.

The Server should probably run Apache! or Websphere or whatever it's called it's FREE software that turns the PC into a Web Server.

The web page itself should be easy to setup and cost little $$ except for time you can barter for profit-sharing.

Here's where the complicated parts come in. Do you want ppl to have to download special software or will this be just web based?
*special software would be like GamespyArcade (www.gamespy.com)

Other things will complicate this also, such as if we want to keep track of players - how will you do this - game hosts would have to have software to report game scores and players.

Constant tweeking of Database to keep stats and site current.]

You will probably need to purchase a high-end Merchant Processing Account from a company with SSL encryption if you expect a decent amount of players who are cashing in/out winnings.

*Make sure it's all legal since this may be considered gambling and you may have to move site operations to the tropics.*

SERVER (pc running Apache) : $0(if have old pc) - $900(new)
DOMAIN REGISTRATION : $50 - $700/yr.
MERCHANT ACNT. : $??/mo.
CABLE/DSL Hookup : $40-50/mo.
*Special Software, Database,
Web Site, Hacking, Security : $MONEY/BARTER/PROFIT-SHARE


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