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09-15-2002, 02:12 PM
(*)ShmeeBegek(*): hello
(*)ShmeeBegek(*): who is this?
LeedsWarMachine: aran from cboards
LeedsWarMachine: i added you a LONG time ago
(*)ShmeeBegek(*): hehe
(*)ShmeeBegek(*): I havn't been using this IM for a long time
(*)ShmeeBegek(*): okay so, sup (/ what WAS up?)?
LeedsWarMachine: looks like you've matured ;P
(*)ShmeeBegek(*): what?
LeedsWarMachine: from your past l337slef
(*)ShmeeBegek(*): I was never 'leet'
(*)ShmeeBegek(*): I hated and still do hate them
(*)ShmeeBegek(*): the 'ken' person made up a bunch of **** about me
LeedsWarMachine: interesting
(*)ShmeeBegek(*): becouse he is a stinking drunk
(*)ShmeeBegek(*): thats why I left the cboards
(*)ShmeeBegek(*): they are infested with potheads
LeedsWarMachine: you used to type like a l337 fr34k
(*)ShmeeBegek(*): not really
(*)ShmeeBegek(*): I added a 'z' on the end of 'lol'
(*)ShmeeBegek(*): and I still do that
LeedsWarMachine: and butchered about 30other words:P
(*)ShmeeBegek(*): so if u judge someone based on how they spell an imaginary word
(*)ShmeeBegek(*): u r ..........ed up
(*)ShmeeBegek(*): okay *blocks you*
LeedsWarMachine: hehe
*** minime6696@hotmail.com ((*)ShmeeBegek(*)) has joined the conversation.
LeedsWarMachine: how else are you supposedto judge people on the internet?
(*)ShmeeBegek(*): by actually talking to them
(*)ShmeeBegek(*): cboard = potheads
LeedsWarMachine: not really.
(*)ShmeeBegek(*): flashdaddee = potheads from cboard that 'smoked themselvs stupid'
LeedsWarMachine: some of them aren't bad
LeedsWarMachine: hey
LeedsWarMachine: don't insult FD
(*)ShmeeBegek(*): its true
LeedsWarMachine: that's my home away from home
LeedsWarMachine: they aren't "potheads"
(*)ShmeeBegek(*): 90% of the stuff there has NOTHING to do with programming
LeedsWarMachine: you were just an elitest l337 back then, and people didn't like you for it
LeedsWarMachine: *elitist
(*)ShmeeBegek(*): 'ehm no thats totally untrue
(*)ShmeeBegek(*): I didn't even know what a '1337' was
(*)ShmeeBegek(*): back then
LeedsWarMachine: well you don't haveto know what something is to be it
LeedsWarMachine: you don't have to know you have cancer to have cancer
(*)ShmeeBegek(*): its different with something of this sort
LeedsWarMachine: no
LeedsWarMachine: it really isn't
(*)ShmeeBegek(*): becouse '1337' entitles more than 'word-butchering'
LeedsWarMachine: what else does it 'entitle'?
LeedsWarMachine: in your pov?
(*)ShmeeBegek(*): pov?
(*)ShmeeBegek(*): wtf is that?
(*)ShmeeBegek(*): allright I've had enough of this, u are just proof of what **** cboard and its ***** flashdaddee have become

09-15-2002, 02:25 PM
Wow...I have now lost all my respect for him....


09-15-2002, 02:38 PM

that loser im'd me 2 i jus blocked his retarted ass.

haha i dedicate to him my icon <-----

09-15-2002, 02:43 PM
I don't know. Ken is kind of a drunk...

09-15-2002, 02:46 PM
Originally posted by ethic
I don't know. Ken is kind of a drunk...

Well yes...true....but that's beside the point :)

09-15-2002, 03:59 PM
-Ken's- not a drunk... I think that's just a facade he tries to play off on us to "sound cool".

/edit... besides, how many 15/16 year old drunks do you know?

09-15-2002, 04:13 PM
I drink, but I'm not a drunk...I'll admit though, this weekend I did go a bit overboard, but I was up with my brother at UF...what the hell else am I going to do at a frat party? Drink the bountiful amounts of Sprite? :rolleyes:

Hehe, I love minime...so unintentionally funny.

>>(*)ShmeeBegek(*): the 'ken' person made up a bunch of **** about me

lolz i knat bel33ve hed go cuzza m3!

09-15-2002, 05:53 PM
Wait. Who is (*)ShmeeBegek(*), and who is LeedsWarMachine?

And Ken, you are a drunk. :D J/k...

09-15-2002, 06:09 PM
i am leedswarmachine and ShmeeBegek is minime6696

09-15-2002, 09:37 PM
Originally posted by -KEN-
I drink, but I'm not a drunk...I'll admit though, this weekend I did go a bit overboard, but I was up with my brother at UF...what the hell else am I going to do at a frat party? Drink the bountiful amounts of Sprite? :rolleyes:

What the hell's wrong with sprite, bizotch??!!!

09-15-2002, 09:48 PM
nothing. beer's just better.

09-15-2002, 09:49 PM
Actully, I'd rather have a sprite

09-16-2002, 01:48 AM
>> Wow...I have now lost all my respect for him....

What respect?

09-16-2002, 03:03 AM
I totaly forgot about that guy
Damn you Aran for bringing this guy back top my attention :p

09-16-2002, 03:10 AM
He contacted me a while back.......I posted this @ the MOD board on Flashdaddee for a chuckle.....but as this thread has started here, I thought I'd repost it.......

aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: is this rick baraklay?
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: or is this someone from the cboard?
robjforduk: Huh
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: are you from the cboard?
robjforduk: yes
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: and if u r, wuts ur name on there?
robjforduk: Guess
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: im not up for that lolz
robjforduk: ??
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: I see
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: ur RobR?
robjforduk: Maybe
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: just tell me lolz
robjforduk: You contacted me........You guess
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: lolz.....
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: I added u to my AIM list a while ago
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: and uweren't on
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: and im just trying to get to know pplz on the cboard
robjforduk: I'll give you a clue....I'm NOT Rick Barclay
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: I know that
robjforduk: Well.....there's a start....keep guessing
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: lolz someone takes the time out to try'n talk 2 u, and all u can do is waiste my time
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: so goodbye
robjforduk: No...you R wasting my time
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: im trying to offer u an oppurtunity
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: for money
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: goodbye
robjforduk: Yeah right!!!!
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: byez
robjforduk: You said that 5 mins ago
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: (try to be more opened minded next time someone talkx to u)
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: byez
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: w/e
robjforduk: ??
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: wut kind of programming do u do?
robjforduk: cobol & Dark Basic
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: oh
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: well I need C/C++/ASM programmerz
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: sorry
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: well anywayz
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: on another note
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: wuts cobol like?
robjforduk: Like Lisp....but less pronounced
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: wut?
robjforduk: ??
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: "Like Lisp"
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: wuzzat supposed to mean?
robjforduk: Lisp is a languge....like SmallTalk, Eiffel & ADA
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: okay
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: its another one of those 'ehm... "scripty" languages?
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: like VB or BASIC
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: I've seen "SmallTalk"
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: and DarkBasic
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: advice: Learn C/C++/ASM
robjforduk: Well Cobol is like BCPL Not Motif
robjforduk: no...nothing like Motif
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: I dont know of all of these little scripty langz lolz
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: I know a bit of VB, a bit of DarkBasic
robjforduk: Do you know scheme?
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: thats all the "scripties" I know
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: I knoe C/C++/ASM
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: programming languages
robjforduk: Oh......C...that's like FORTRAN right?
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: everything on ur computer (at lesate 99.9%) wuz prolly written in C/C++/ASM
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: um
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: its wut all thsoe scripties are made of
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: and windows is made of
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: and almost every professioanl project out there
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: ...
robjforduk: How hard is C++?
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: its translated into ASM directly ,then linked
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: C++
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: it is C
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: its just got extra OOP stuff
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: same as C, just w/ OOP
robjforduk: such as?
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: class
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: classes
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: they are like structs, but a bit diff.
robjforduk: what's the difference?
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: umm
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: classes are most usefull as "Packages" of functions
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: very hard to explain
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: once u learn it
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: you will love it
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: :-) lolz
robjforduk: Cool...you must be real smart :-)
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: lolz...
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: its just getting the right training
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: I do this stuff 4 money
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: got a company
robjforduk: Yeah...wow!! Are you the CEO???
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: lolz
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: I just started up
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: no real structure yet
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: just trying to get going in this stupid ass recession
robjforduk: How did you afford that??? You must be really rich
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: no
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: it dont cost anything to start a company
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: well.... $30 for a buisseness licsence but...
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: on the contrary, im Broke :-)
robjforduk: How many people do you have working for you?
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: hehe
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: im getting to a team soon
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: I have no idea how many people will be on it
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: probably 3-4
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: the problem iz investorz
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: a friend of mine fora few thousand
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: but its REALLY hard in this recession...
robjforduk: When I grow up I hope to be a Big Boss like you
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: Big Boss?!
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: lolz
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: not @ all
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: I think ur getting the wrong idea
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: lolz
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: I havea buisseness licence
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: but I still dont have any investorz
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: im just a start-up comany
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: and anywayz
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: im 13 :-)
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: how old r u?
robjforduk: Wow I didnt know you could have a corporation until you are 18
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: u cant
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: I have a cosigner
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: :-)
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: theres ALLWAYS a way around
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: :
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: :-)
robjforduk: Wow.....
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: will help that my neigbor is a lawyer
aGaBoOgAmOnGeR: :-)

09-16-2002, 03:39 AM
Fordy, that's superb!

>robjforduk: Cool...you must be real smart :-)

>robjforduk: When I grow up I hope to be a Big Boss like you

:D :D

09-16-2002, 04:09 AM
Fordy, are you going to take his advice and learn C/C++?

Because personaly I think he's right. You can't be a "LISP-script-kiddie" all your life :D :D lolz

09-16-2002, 08:23 AM
lol, I remember that..

"It's like LISP, but less pronounced" - LOL!

09-16-2002, 08:26 AM
I just started blocking him whenever he tried to talk to me... He gave up quick.

09-16-2002, 10:05 AM
man... I think I'd shoot myself in the temple after talking to that kid for more than a minute... I got a headache just reading through that...

09-16-2002, 10:23 AM
and he claims he was never l337... baaaaaaaahahahaha.