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10-02-2001, 10:02 PM
Never, I repeat NEVER convert your masterpiece of an avatar into jpeg...look what happened to mine! *sobs*

10-03-2001, 02:40 AM
Use Paint Shop Pro's "JPEG Artifact Removal" feature, or set JPEG compression factor below 30.

It's because of JPEG's algorythm, which affects especially sharp edges in a destructive way ;).

JPEG is great, though, just ...it's lossy.

Btw, it really doesn't make much sense to compress such tiny images, I'd rather choose GIF format (GIF has it's own artifact: colordepth limited to 256 colors :D).

10-03-2001, 02:51 AM
Don't worry about it, I saw it and thought cool, new avatar.

Rick's, however, has this unfortunate property if you move pages at the right moment it looks like its of the American flag on fire when the animation stops.

10-03-2001, 07:08 AM
LMAO! That's pretty funny.

BTW -KEN- your avatar looks cool anway. I always save mine as jpg's unless their animated.

10-03-2001, 07:49 AM
Mine's a gif ::state the obvious:: - its not too big and I dont think it takes long to load into the browser.

rick barclay
10-03-2001, 12:55 PM
I like it, XEN.

rick barclay

10-03-2001, 01:38 PM
try using PhotoShop. all mine are jpegs, then again i have the 733+ paint program skillz and a tablet so i can fix/redraw anything that goes bad....

10-03-2001, 01:39 PM
if you know hex you can encode messages within jpeg files....

10-03-2001, 01:44 PM
> if you know hex you can encode messages within jpeg files....

The plot thickens... I know hex (at least as much as one can "know" a numbering system), but whaddya mean encode messages in jpgs?

10-03-2001, 02:38 PM
woah, that'd be an interesting thing...I never heard of that before...

yeah, I like it. it wasn't exactly hard to do, but it looks so terrible like that...instead of red bar-things coming out, they're supposed to be the same color as my name with a red flare at the end.

I might remake it and test out different file formats.

yeah, it does kinda look like an X. damn you and your perceptiveness!! lol...that needs to be fixed.

10-03-2001, 10:08 PM
Ahhhh, now you may all see my beautiful original design.!.!.!...dontcha just LOVE it?