View Full Version : How abt an algorithm and logic contest

08-12-2002, 02:20 AM
Well the contests conducted by ygfperson are great.. But dont you think that people who are not that good at languages but are very good at algorithms and logics are left out.. how about an algorithm contest where the contestants has to propose a possible soultion for a given problem... The problem may be like "How to attain maximum encryption strength using a normal XOR encryption" or how can a program which solves a quadratic problem be written/... etc etc

Well if the poll says yes then i request ygfperson to hold a contest like this along with the other contest..... :)

08-12-2002, 06:06 AM
You need more challenging contests.

A normal XOR algorithm is, by default, very weak.

Solving quadratic equations is trivial.

08-12-2002, 11:06 AM
Well, I don't know that an algorithm design contest would be very fitting for this board. Almost certainly, any algorithm produced, if it has any practical value, a more effective/efficient version will already exist, produced by graduate students/researchers no doubt.

Additionally, I doubt that there are enough people here who would take the time to both design, prove the time complexity of, and prove correct any non-trivial algorithm, or perhaps not even enough who can actually do so. Also, there would have to be judges significantly better at such things than those entering for there to be any confidence put in the rankings.

Is this what you have in mind vasanth?

Instead, what about a contest to produce the most effective implementation of some non-trivial, yet relatively obscure (can't Google and expect to win) algorithm?

I'm sure that most people here would be on fairly equal footing for something like that, as there would not be the irritating issues of coming up with kludgely solutions for cross-platform compatibility, or trying to learn out-dated and otherwise fairly useless console graphics libraries.