View Full Version : Microswitch joysticks and arcade switches

09-30-2001, 07:50 PM
Yo, here's the lowdown:

A new evil idea is frothing forth in my head, and that idea is a 4 player control panel for MAME. This colossal floor model, which is being fashioned out of heavy wood boards and a cannibalized keyboard, would be perfect for some mad sessions of TMNT or X- Men. I have everything figured out, even how to interface the thing, but I cannot find any dealers that sell joysticks and button switches for cheap, and at the volume I need: 4 microswitch joysticks, and 32 button switches (8 per player, 6 for action, and 2 for insert coin/player start). The cheapest I have seen is $12/joystick and $2.00/switch, which I am considering. If anybody knows of a dealer who sells buttons for cheaper, It would be a benefit to my already decreasing budget, which is about $150.