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07-18-2002, 11:26 AM
Well I know I said not to long ago that I didn't want anything to do with .NET and C# but I changed my mind. I bought two books. TYS C# in 21 day and Petzolds C# book. I started to read the 21 days book but after 4 chapters I stoped. the 2 first chapters are just a rant about how good MS is and how "Powerfulll" C# is and that the you can write ANYTHING with C#. In the third chapter he gets things wrong about datatypes and start out with a poor programing style. This book is written by the same guy that wrote the TYS C in 24h. That book sucked to (void main). To bad I didn't realized they had the same author until after I got the book. I just lost my trust in this guy to teach me good programing. So now I jumped to Petzolds book and find it really good.You neeed some OO experience before reading that book though. And thats a name I would trust with my life. Kinda funny that the non ms press book raises .NET to the sky while Petzold MS press book points out alot of weaknesses and almost being sarcastic to some of the .NET hype. Other then that C# is a more pleasent suprise then I thought it would be. Alot of things they have done really makes sense. Like properties instead of the C++ way with get and set methods. SO don't buy TYS C# in 21 days and read Petzold instead

07-19-2002, 12:16 AM
If you want a good quality book on C# syntax and some BCL, and OOP, than purchase: C# Primer Plus by Klaus Michelsen. It is well written.

I mostly purchase Addison Wesley books now, however this Sams book is an exception. Klaus is a good writer and programmer.