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08-23-2002, 11:51 AM
A: I meant today.

Q: Why do you think you need to defend the board's post-count?

08-23-2002, 11:54 AM
I don't - you said there was no activity, and I showed there was... (kiddies go back to school around now - maybe that accounts for some of the daily drop)

Ever heard of DNP?

08-23-2002, 11:59 AM
A: no but These People (http://www.sd75.dial.pipex.com/dnp3.htm) have

Q: does it itch down there?

08-23-2002, 12:05 PM

(Thanks for hte link, btw - the site's designed like ass, but there's still some useful stuff on it)

Ever had an amateur colonoscopy?

08-23-2002, 12:26 PM
A: Nope

Q: Will Cprogramming.com crash when we reach 4294967296 posts?

08-23-2002, 12:30 PM

Will you stick around to find out?

08-23-2002, 12:32 PM
A: I will!! As long as it (and I) exists.

Q: Are you at work right now pretending to be working but reading a message board instead?

08-23-2002, 12:35 PM
No, I would never do anything like htat. That would be wrong.

When was the last time you did that?

08-23-2002, 12:47 PM
A: for as long as I've been here and right now.

Q: Is there enough talent on CProgramming.com to revolt and start our own company so that we don't have to work for the idiots anymore?

08-23-2002, 01:09 PM
put the mods together... and yes, maybe. Other than that, you're asking for a miracle.

What do you think is the overall impression for most of the people that visit cprog?

08-23-2002, 01:13 PM
They don't have time to get an impression because their homework are due in 5 minutes!

If a mime falls in the middle of a forest, does he make a sound?

08-23-2002, 01:22 PM
A: he did after I kicked him in the head

Q: Where did you get the idea that moderating a vB board makes you a superior coder?

08-23-2002, 01:24 PM
It's not that - it's just that most of the people that are mods here (me excluded) are actually superior coders.

If cats land on their feet, and buttered toast lands buttered side down, if you strapped a piece of buttered toast to a cat's back, would it float?

08-23-2002, 01:30 PM
yes, and it tastes great with red wine!

Is everyone here also on Flashdaddee?

08-23-2002, 01:31 PM
A: After conducting several tests, NO.

Q: The program you use the most?

The Dog
08-23-2002, 01:34 PM
Q: The program you use the most?

a. Winamp

q. Do u like Winamp 3?

08-23-2002, 01:39 PM
A: Winamp 3? I have to take a look.

Q: Do you download any of those winamp skins?

08-23-2002, 01:41 PM
No, dont even have winamp.

Q. Should I get one of those Musicmatch Jukeboxes?

The Dog
08-23-2002, 01:41 PM
Q: Do you download any of those winamp skins?

a. Only for Winamp 3. It's like nothing you've ever seen.

q. What should i do 2nite? (Thinking of going to play snooker)

08-23-2002, 01:44 PM
A: Go beat up Troll_King

B: Is Snooker fun?

08-23-2002, 01:45 PM
A: Never played it, but I hope to. Im just a nine ball player.

Q: Wierdest thing you ate?

The Dog
08-23-2002, 01:47 PM
Q: Wierdest thing you ate?

mmm... tough one

a. Tongue

q. Worst tasting thing you've ever ate?

08-23-2002, 01:49 PM
A: McDonalds

B: Ever pee blood?

08-23-2002, 01:53 PM
Ewww, hell no.

How many stitches do you have?

08-23-2002, 02:01 PM
Zero, and I dont plan on getting some anytime soon.

Q. Whats your favorite compiler?

08-23-2002, 02:20 PM
A: msvc++ 6

Q: is it time to go home yet?

08-23-2002, 02:57 PM
Yes. Go away. :D

What IM services do you have?

08-23-2002, 03:09 PM
I only use AIM.

What foreign languages do you know or would like to learn?

08-23-2002, 03:19 PM
I will definately learn spanish in my lifetime. It would be v. funny if I knew russian :D

Anyone else have AIM, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo??

Inept Pig
08-23-2002, 04:14 PM
No, I don't have enough friends.....

Do I have any friends?

08-23-2002, 04:39 PM
A: How should I know...?

Q: Is this thread just an excuse to increase the post-count?

After a quick calculation, there is a little less than 2145 posts in this thread...!!!

08-23-2002, 05:49 PM
A: Noooo...*looks around nervously*

Q: Who here honestly knows more about the Simpsons than they do about anything else?

Sentaku senshi
08-24-2002, 08:43 PM
Not me I bearly watch it.

Q. Can't a brother get a little peace?

08-25-2002, 09:46 AM
a) no peace for you!
simpsons? sad but true... ;)

q) who said this?
"So, your home smells of feces. And not just monkey feces, either"

08-25-2002, 02:19 PM
Homer Simpson.

So is this what the board would be like without newbies?

08-26-2002, 06:33 AM
No, this (www.flashdaddee.com/forums) is what the board would look like w/o newbies.

When's the domain switch gonna finish?

08-26-2002, 08:20 AM
probably at least by next week :rolleyes:

doesn't the webmaster realize that he's only hurting the site by doing all these upgrades recently??

08-26-2002, 09:12 AM
>>doesn't the webmaster realize that he's only hurting the site by doing all these upgrades recently??<<

Perhaps, but to what extent is questionable.

Is ober a good sport for putting up with our jokes about his hairiness?

08-26-2002, 10:02 AM
No - he just knows there's no escaping the truth.

Complete the sentence:

Ober is so hairy, _____________...

08-26-2002, 10:10 AM
that he's gonna kick cheez in the balls when he sees him in less than a month and a half for all the hair jokes!?

complete this sentence:

Cheez is a ______________.

08-26-2002, 10:49 AM
sexy beast.

Who would win in a fight - the Fonz or Abe Lincoln?

08-26-2002, 11:54 AM
the Fonz... duh..

who would win? my softball team or cheez's?

08-26-2002, 11:56 AM
Your softball team's a bunch of old, decrepit men. If you would have actually shown up to our rematch, we would have pounded you (actually, probably not, but we didn't do bad for a team that had quite a few people on it that didn't know anything at all about baseball)

Why is ober such a tool?

Ken Fitlike
08-26-2002, 12:12 PM
The right tool for the right job.

How goes GovtCheez's quest for a good time girlie?

08-26-2002, 12:22 PM
It's progressing rather nicely, thanks.

Rate your programming skills, 1-10

Ken Fitlike
08-26-2002, 12:37 PM
Winscum programming is in a class of its own and I wouldn't wan't to trivialise my disability any more by partaking in such an obviously subjective exercise. ok, -10. :D

And yours?

edit: how I wish I could spell. :rolleyes:

08-26-2002, 12:41 PM
umm... 3.. and that's being generous...

rate your person skills 1-10

08-26-2002, 12:42 PM
void main()
int rating = 10;
goto haha;
printf("void mains and goto statements ownz j00\n");
printf("%d =D\n", rating);

EDIT - doh got beat, but i'll keep my answer the same

Are you listening to any music right now?

Sentaku senshi
08-26-2002, 12:57 PM
Yes, eminam without me.

Q. Guess who is back?

08-26-2002, 01:00 PM
no -Ken-'s mom again... :(

do you want to fix my code?