View Full Version : Need an artist!

09-29-2001, 10:08 AM
An artist is needed to do the buttons,logo and the rest of the artwork for Dreamer's Paradise.

And just to inform everyone about the events a bit, the IDE now focuses mainly on C/C++. Support for masm is there, and it can recognize the functions and do syntax highlighting etc, but the code generators would generate pure win32 C code and the overall features of the IDE mainly concentrate on development through C/C++.

The above and the feature list has been made final for the first version of the Dreamer's Paradise. The very fancy features like viewing the bytes,clock cycles and U/V pipes couldnt make it to the first version due to the limited time and me being the only one coding. But they are a promise for the next version

The site would be updated soon containing this info and other details.