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07-10-2002, 04:03 AM
i'm totally new to c..can someone help as to how to go about to become a good c programmer ..
thank you

07-10-2002, 04:50 AM
Practice makes perfect. Learn to ask the right questions and you will find that the answers aren't that hard.

07-10-2002, 04:54 AM
You need a compiler and a new operating system.

07-10-2002, 05:55 AM
Originally posted by TK
You need a compiler and a new operating system.

what does the OS have to do with anything????

Start doing some reading, start reading code, start by example... the best way to learn is to look at code, change it, play with it, and see what you can do with it. That... and reading to understand how it works.

07-10-2002, 11:13 AM
Buy or borrow a good study book on the C language and read it. Don't forget to do all the excersises. And if you don't understand something, don't hesitate to ask someone. When you've read that book, you should study a book on datastructures and algorithms to learn programming.

07-10-2002, 11:34 PM
first of all you shoudl post c stuff in the c forum! and secondly DONT LEARN C. learn c++. c++ isnt nay harder to learn and has c's abilities and more. you can get the best compiler for c++ (that is free) at bloodshed.net but get dev c++ 4 not dev c++ 5 beta

07-11-2002, 11:30 AM
learn C.. That is what i did.. Now palnin to do .net to stay in the job market..

07-11-2002, 04:26 PM
Practice, practice, hit your head some more and practice.

Buy headache tablets

Practice some more.

And finally, find the best situation in which you can study....like peace and quiet, cool room or music - whatever helps you think.

07-23-2002, 12:03 AM
thank u all very much...that'll do for the moment