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07-04-2002, 12:53 AM

what is the meaning of port 0x80, i didn't found any
docs for this, or better say i don't know where to search.


07-04-2002, 10:31 AM
Well there are the ports which access the hardware in your PC

Or the ports which communicate via various internet protocols

07-04-2002, 01:03 PM
I dont really know the specifics but port 0x80 is used for the bios POST checks, however as it isnt usually used for anything else (i.e. it does nothing, most of the time) it can be used in delay routines.

07-04-2002, 01:54 PM
Well your post count is pretty low, so in case you're a newbie: If you want to express hexadecimal numbers in C/C++, you preced them with 0x, so that number is actually port 128, but it's done in hex, I assumbe because it's comparatively ver closely linked to the original assembly language code <- just a side note but it's very useful to know this.

07-05-2002, 02:01 PM
Sean you just post anything to make sure you name is the one displayed beside a post dont you?

07-05-2002, 02:38 PM
No. I've been doing DOS programming for a while and I can offer some useful advice on all the problems - If you go back and look it wasn't all of a sudden I started replying to everything - I've been gradually increasing the number that I reply to as I learned more myself.

Prasad kulkarni
07-07-2002, 06:49 AM
hello friends,
tell me how can i access port 0x80 through c? i heard that port 0x80 address is for internet connection.....
so is there any diff. method or it can be accessibal like 0x2f8 and 0x3f8 (COM1,COM2)....?

07-07-2002, 09:07 AM
I think you are confusing Hardware ports with TCP/IP ports. TCP/IP port 80 is indead for HTML access, however what the author of this post was talking about was hardware port 0x80. If you want to learn about the TCP/IP port 80 then you should look up winsock (windows only i think, dont know what the Dos, Linux ect. do to access this).

Prasad kulkarni
07-08-2002, 12:24 AM
ok. thanx vbprogrammer.............!

07-08-2002, 02:28 AM
Hey people,

thanks for the huge participation on my problem. :-)

Thanks for the links!

yes it was my intention to use this port in a delay routine,
but if i don't know what's going on there, then i'm not sure
to use it. It was for the first time. :-)

To all others thanks for replying!

07-08-2002, 10:22 AM
In continuation of what VBProgrammer said, any machine that has ever run a program that was written in Java, has a secondary, standardized way to do this. There's a program somewhere under the system directory, I forgot what it's called but I'm sure someone else knows what program I'm talking about. Anyone?