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07-03-2002, 02:08 AM
Hey today was the first day of Warped Tour 2002, and I was lucky enough to be able to go. It was in Peoria, AZ (around the Phoenix area), and while it was well over 100 degrees, I'm one luck ........ son of a b*tch to have been able to go. Not to mention having to wait outside for nearly an hour and a half outside before being able to go without having any water or shade (yeah that part sucked big time!).

Anyways, I thought I'd give out some props to the bands that I listened to.

-The Movie Life

They're pretty new, but they're cool.

check out the song called Hand Grenade for them.


They're good too.

songs of recommendation - I think one song is called Jimmy's Dreamgirl...but I can't remember most of their songs.

-The Starting Line

They're not all that unknown, and they're awesome.

Tree's a Charm for a song by them.


Flat out ..........ing awesome live! That show was the best part of the concert. Buy their CD if you like hardcore/punk music. Or at least check out some of their songs...Letters to You and Stay With Me are both cool songs. And oh yeah Finch got screwed out of more playing time by some gay ........ band that nobody even watched (to put a long story short).


They're really good live as well, because they're funny in between songs. Plus their music is bad, too. Songs - Kiss Me Diss Me and Give It Up.

-Bad Religion

They don't need much of an intro. The crowd got really crazy during this one.

-New Found Glory

Something stupid happened with them. They were supposed to be the closing act at 8:15, but unknowingly they got played at 7:45. As soon as everybody heard them playing the crowd rushed to the stage. They were great, as well, but the only problem is that they didn't get much playing time. I have no idea why that happened, but I think it might have to do with their guitarist getting sick.


They became the last act since the NFG ordeal. They're a good band, and I'm sure some of you know about them. If not, check out this song right here > Like a Movie

Some bands that I didn't get to catch that I would like to are: MXPX and Thursday. The thing is that they were playing at the sametime as Finch, so that was a no go for them. Plus my friend hates MXPX, so we probably wouldn't have listened to them anyways. And did I say that Finch rules? Well they do, especially live.

All in all the concert was awesome, and all of you who like punk/hardcore music, you should get tickets to Warped Tour when it comes to your city. If you can't get tickets, though, you oughta check out those bands that I mentioned.