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07-02-2002, 02:28 AM
umm... about every week i clean out my grandfather computer for him. all the excess junk like cookies and temp files... well you now how when u go to the search engine and u type in what your looking for but a little scroll bar shows up under it of what it could be what your looking for... take this example. lets say i type in cart and bellow there it show somthing u have looked up before thats simaler like cartoon . well ne way i was wondering if neone new how to remove all the stuff that pops up under what your looking for

07-02-2002, 02:44 AM
Hi, go to tools>internet option's>auto complete, then hit the button clear form's, there's other option's there you might find useful as we'll. This is assuming this option is available your internet explorer version, i have it in IE6, you can alway's try.

07-02-2002, 02:50 AM
were do u find tools? (im using xp)

07-02-2002, 02:54 AM
nm i found it thank u much

07-02-2002, 02:55 AM