View Full Version : Converting blender files to .X

06-28-2002, 01:54 PM
I'm having troubles converting .blend files into .X files (for use in DirectX obviously). Blender can export .VRML and .DXF as well as .blend but they seem to convert very poorly. I was wondering what people around here used? I know theres a few blender users lurking about. Have you ever converted you models to .X or do you know a good way of doing it?

Most applications seem to convert the model but neglect the textures, leaving me with a coloured, yet texturless object. If I understand correctly (and I'm not sure I do) .X files contain no texture data (besides UV) and textures are mapped to a BMP or the like when the file is converted... ? Cant seem to get this to happen. Would anyone mind enlightening me? I'm rather new to the modelling scene as I rather prefer coding.