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06-27-2002, 10:20 AM
I seriously hate my current 56k dialup internet access - its just soooo slowwww. DSL and Cable service is not available in my very rural town and satellite internet is way to expensive. I just discovered though that I can connect to my current account through a 64K ISDN modem instead of my standard 56K.

My question is will the digital 64K connection really be that much faster than my 56K analog? Ive read tons of tech information about how much faster it will "theoretically" be but I want to know how much faster it will ACTUALLY be.

Sorry if this isn't programming related but I can't think of anywhere else to post this.

06-27-2002, 01:00 PM
A dial up's speed depends a lot on the quality of the connection. Very few 56k dial up's actually run at anything like 56k.

Typically, digital services run at the speed they are designed to run at, and a typical ISDN has 2x64k data channels and a 14k signal channel. Depending on your supplier, you may be able to run your connection at 128k if you are not using a telephone on the circuit as well, (sometimes you can run 128k and drop to 64k when the phone is used).

Generally, yes, you will see an improvement with ISDN over a 56k dialup.

Remember however, that the route to the web site you are browsing will consist of many links, and therefore, the end to end performance will only ever be as good as the slowest link between you and them - it may not be your end...