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06-17-2002, 11:34 AM
Has anybody here ever modded a game (like Quake 2 for instance)?

To what extent are you able to mod games?

I know that ID software releases all of their game source code for people to mod, but not their engine code. Although, they do release engine code for some older games such as Doom, Wolfenstein, and just in the past recent months the full code for Quake 2 was released.

However, lets say you downloaded the Quake 2 game source from ID's website, but not the engine code. How much could you change the game?

Are you just able to change around levels? Or are you able to add your own new weapons, take out old weapons, create new types of enemies, etc. And if you are able to do that, are you able to totally change the game itself, like are you able to create a new menu system and call it something completely different?

Of course, if you could do ALL of that, wouldnt that completely nullify any point in licensing the engine, because you could just change the game at your own free will?

Also, if anybody in here has made a mod before, how are you able to understand the source? In ID's case, they take out pretty much all comments in their code. There are some, but not a lot. Have you looked at the Doom or Quake code??? It would take weeks of 24/7 studying of the code to get an idea of the flow of the program and how things are running.

So has anybody in here made a mod before? I would just like some more info on how its done, how certain people have taken the approach, how much can be changed, etc.