View Full Version : Need lots of help with tile engine

06-12-2002, 01:54 AM
I'm creating a tile engine. But i'm rendering the tiles using Direct3D not DirectDraw's blitter. This allows me to use lighting effects by changing the RGBs at the vertexes.

But I'm in dire need of tiles. All tiles are 64x64 and in 24-bit color. The base tiles (grass, snow, floors, etc) are the only ones that will be rendered as iso. The rest of the tiles are rendered as bitmaps - using Direct3D to create a quad out of triangles and then texture the quad with the bitmap. Same principle as the iso tiles, but the iso tiles vertices have been skewed to make them iso. This means that the tile artist can draw all of the tiles in the game as squares. This is much easier than drawing them as diamonds.

This also allows me to be able to deform the tile map during the game and at any angle, not pre-set ones like most tile games. Got the idea and the starting code for this at www.gamedev.net in an article. Very good method.

If anyone is interested in helping I would greatly appreciate it. There is a lot of stuff left to do like sound, AI, path finding, special effects, lighting effects, just to name a very few.

If you would like to draw tiles for the game please PM me on this board and if you would like to help code this game PM me as well.

However if you wish to help code I would ask that you have a very basic understanding of DirectX (I'm still learning myself) and know C++ fairly well as the entire engine is composed of classes.

This is not the standard game recruitment post - I'm simply trying to make a finished game to use as a demo to send with my resume to game companies. If you help and stick with it, you can also use this same demo - in other words - credit will be given where credit is due. I'm not into the habit of taking credit for other people's work.

Basically I have an engine and no game. So I really need help on designing the game and the tiles, objects, characters, story, etc that go into it.

Please PM me for more information. I'm very serious about finishing this thing. I will explain more about how the engine works if you are interested in helping.