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06-10-2002, 02:16 PM
So...anyway, I wrote this mIRC script which auto-replies to people when they send me private messages, saying that I'm away. Then I got an idea, what if I made my IRC script try and hold conversations? I did a bit of research and found this site (http://www.compapp.dcu.ie/~humphrys/eliza.html). I was both hilarified and enlightened. Borrowing some phrases from the program, I set up a script which would hopefully do the trick.

I leave it on overnight and some people have had conversations with it. Here is an example:

<schizophreniax> hi
<briancollins> hello
<schizophreniax> ;o
<schizophreniax> who are you?
<briancollins> i dont understand what you're saying
<briancollins> please speak english.
<schizophreniax> uh.
<schizophreniax> i am.
<briancollins> youre kidding right?
<briancollins> so am i
<schizophreniax> english is the only language i know.
<schizophreniax> ;x
<briancollins> i dont understand what you're saying
<briancollins> are you stupid?
<schizophreniax> who are you are the most simple english words.
<briancollins> are you alive?
<schizophreniax> no im dead.
<briancollins> have you ever taken someones life?
<schizophreniax> my own, obviously.
<briancollins> what do you think about shoes?
<schizophreniax> lmao
<schizophreniax> shoes are great.
<briancollins> what are your sexual fantasies?
<briancollins> why do you keep saying that?
<schizophreniax> keep saying what?
<schizophreniax> o_0
<briancollins> why don't you say something useful
<briancollins> what do you think about religion
<schizophreniax> for some reason im wondering why i said anything at all.
<briancollins> me too.
<schizophreniax> we'll leave it at that then.
<briancollins> do i know you?
<schizophreniax> maybe?
<briancollins> i bet ur fat irl.
<schizophreniax> what does that matter to you anyway?
<briancollins> ok honestly when was the last time you got laid?
<schizophreniax> honestly its none of your buisness.
<briancollins> why dont you get a life
<schizophreniax> why dont you?
<briancollins> i dont know
<schizophreniax> neither do i.
<briancollins> when was the last time you got laid?
<schizophreniax> must i repeat myself?
<briancollins> are you like this with everyone?
<schizophreniax> are you?
<briancollins> no.
<schizophreniax> then why be like this now?
<briancollins> are you coming onto me?
<schizophreniax> does it look like i am
<schizophreniax> ?
<briancollins> me too.
<briancollins> are you stupid?
<schizophreniax> do you always repeat yourself?
<briancollins> no i dont
<schizophreniax> why do you ask so many pointless questions?
<briancollins> because
<schizophreniax> because why?
<briancollins> i dont know why
<schizophreniax> does it turn you on?
<briancollins> do you like cheese?
<schizophreniax> do you eat it?
<briancollins> no i dont
<schizophreniax> is there anything you reply with yes to?
<briancollins> what do you think about religion
<schizophreniax> why do you keep repeating yourself?
<briancollins> i dont know