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06-01-2002, 11:06 PM
if you've ever touched Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal before, you will notice that the morsels of cinnamon sugar get stuck to your fingers.

I think that this greatly detracts from my eating of it, since sometimes i'm too lazy to get a bowl, fill it with milk, etc. and i just want to eat it right out the bag. I'm verry dissapointed with General Mills here, because i end up with all of this cinnamon sugar all over my hands, and it gets sticky with sweat and disgusting. It's not fun.


06-01-2002, 11:51 PM
Yeah.. all the more reason to get Life

Life > Cinnomon Toast Crunch

Sentaku senshi
06-02-2002, 12:15 AM
Unfortunately you are not at one and thus donít realize that Peanut butter Captain Crunch (might be under a different name) the Zen of cereal.

06-02-2002, 01:01 AM
Shall we dare leave out the grand fruity taste of none other than Fruity Pebbles. (wipes drool)

06-02-2002, 11:50 PM
Actually, Resse's Puffs have to be the best cereal. It's basically eating candy for your breakfast.

06-03-2002, 12:24 AM
I think I'm gonna get kicked out of the hackers hall for this one; I eat stuff like Shredded Wheat. (........hh* Dont tell anyone.) Mornings not exactly my time. My taste buds think that cardboard is way too much flavour to handle any time before about 9:00 am. Milk is crossing the line of taste explosion.

06-03-2002, 12:00 PM
Me too.... I can't even taste all that sugar and good stuff in the morning so I don't eat it. I eat Basic 4 and Frosted Mini-Wheats... and get this. Sometimes I don't even eat cereal... I eat *gasp* oatmeal. Try eating that with your hands.

06-03-2002, 01:29 PM
The best cereals have very little sugar...I love Rice Krispies. Yum.

06-04-2002, 12:24 AM
Not enough caffine in cerial to eat it in the morning.

Ever tried Vegimite? (tastes different now US Kraft makes it)

It is similar in appearance and taste to used axle grease and is spread on toast for some reason.

Can't wait till they bring that out in a cerial.

06-04-2002, 12:55 AM
well it looks strange to me.. you guys eat only cerial and stuff for break fast.. In india we have tons of Indian dishes for morning break fast.. SOme of them are

Idli :- A soft dish made from ground rice...

Dosa :- Similar to pancake......(100's of dosa varities such as masala dosa, set dosa, roas doa etc etc ..)

Puliogre :- A spicy rice dish

Pongal :- A sweet dish made out of dal and rice

Uthapam : A dish made out of coconut milk...

Poori :- Made from wheat flour with air filled inside. You Yummy my favourite

Bisi Bele Bath :- A spicy indian dish

etc etc Hundreds more..... And when i was in UK.. i never liked the food.. The food is very blund.. It dosent have much spice etc etc. May be it is because we Indians have a lot of spices in all dishes...

06-04-2002, 08:20 PM
Rice Krispies and Crispix (spelling?) are far superior to CTC (cinnimon toast crunch).

06-04-2002, 08:22 PM
Just re-read the message and noticed:

"In india we have tons of Indian dishes for morning break fast"

I love indian food! My favorite has gotta b e Paneer Masala, its excellent. Although I dont get it too often cause we only have one or two indian resturants in the city.

06-04-2002, 08:37 PM
nothig kicks a day off better then that !!!!!!!!!!!!:D
GO COFFEE !!!!!!!:D

specially with cream and foam and from Tim Hortons :D!!!!YAAAAAAA ITS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!! BEAT THAT CEREAL!!:D

06-04-2002, 10:30 PM
I think my favorite breakfast food is chocolate cake. That stuff is good and it wakes you up. Pizza is a close second, but lots of pepperoni gives some nasty side effects in the morning.