View Full Version : Office 2000 probs after going to WinXP

04-16-2002, 12:28 AM
Wow im having so many problems with XP that im going insane! First when I installed it on the pc i built in december it would corrupt the registry every few days, so i went back to good old trustie 98SE. Now instead of doing the clean install I did the upgrade and it all works fine except now Office 2000 wont work at all. It gives a blank message box with an Error caption haha. I tried to do a repair but it tells me that it is an invalid Windows Installer package haha. I sent microcrap the info when it crashed and its already been 2 weeks and they still havent responded. I found some stupid programs on their site which say they uninstall all of Office 2000, and clean the registry but they didnt work. Anyone have the same or similar problem? Right now my only solution would be to format and I really really really really dont want to have to do that again. Any suggestions?