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04-22-2002, 07:13 AM
"well, i kinda made the assumption that everything would grow proportionately with their weights/masses/other physical properties fully proportionate to their height.

So that deals with the first rediculous point."

That assumption is totally wrong. And completely impossible: If you double all the dimensions of a cube you will multiply it's volume by 8, if you want to double all the dimensions AND have the volume only doubled you have to completely change the shape.

"it would be noticeable if the other physical properties remained constant, but if everything changed proportionately at once, it would be impossible to notice. "

WRONG, if you doubled your length width, height, etc. etc. you legs would break because you would NOT have doubled your volume you would have multiplied it by 8, it is not possible to double lengths and only double volume because volume = length * width * height.

"but you don't know how things work when you turn your back to them, do you?"

Errrr, yea we do, they work the exact same way when we are facing them. Besides you did not address the point, IF as you are suggesting our senses are totaly misleading us, and all our theory is wrong, then nothing we built based on our theory would work; planes, cars computers, etc.

"you are missing one thing: all realities are conformed together by the ideas of language and the arbitrary labelling of objects. Is the sky blue if you don't know what blue is? "

The fact is that people see the sky as the same colour as light of 450 nm, if reality was subjective then why exactly does EVERYONE see the sky and light of 450 nm as the same colour?

"The reason why people can replicate experiment's results is because they are trained to see things a certain way, so they look for the one thing in one of two states (or multifarious measurements) and just check that when they see it. "

OMG what nonsense, in science experiements are often DOUBLE blind, meaning the people looking at the results have NO IDEA what they are evaluating, it eliminates the possiblity of biased results. If i drop a stone and measure it's acceleration towards the ground, i will get a value of about 9.81 ms^-2, anyone anywhere on Earth can repeat the experiment and get the same answer, there is not any "seeing things a certain way" here, people are simply measureing the acceleration. IF reality was subjective they would NOT get the same results, yet they ALWAYS do.

"Why do you think we exist in reality?"

Facts exist, I am sitting typing at my computer right now: fact, i am NOT sitting on a beach in Barbedos: fact. Reality exists.

There is no alternative to us existing in "reality", even IF everything we see, is an illusion (which is stupendously improbable) , even if all theory is wrong, we STILL exist in reality, something must exist for us to be aware, heavens, Decarte realised that much hundreds of years ago!

04-22-2002, 07:26 AM
"On aran's idea of everything increasing by 60ft, think of everything growing (mass, weight, volume, height, width, radius, whatever) proportionately. So there we've proved that it's all relative"

Not possible, you can't increase height, width and volume by the same amount without changing the shape totally. Just draw yourself a cube, and double the length, the width and the height, then work out your new volume.

"Your scientific beliefs, at their roots, are all blind faith as well. We have faith that energy can never be created or destroyed, but how was it created in the first place? Where did the universe come from? What makes up the particles that make up the particles that make up the particles that make up..[...]..the atom? Ok so maybe that's not so much blind faith as it is just being unknown, but these are fairly basic principles of science (atoms and energy) and they're unkowns. "

Drivel. We do NOT have "faith" that energy cannot be created or destroyed, we have EVIDENCE, and theory that explains why that is the case.

Where did energy come from in the first place? Answer: Big bang.
Where did the universe come from? Answer: Big bang.
What makes up the particles? Quarks, below that possibly super-strings, there is a base level.
Unknown? Just because it's "unknown" to you, does not mean it's unknown. Energy, is understood, it is a very simple concept: energy is the potential to do work. We know vast amounts about atoms, why and how they interact, what they are made of etc. Like i said, just because YOU are ignorant, does not mean everyone else is.

You're are now going to ask where did the big bang come from. Which is an invalid question:
A: Our principles for understanding how and why things work are based on causality: cause and effect, however those principles are merely reflections of the laws of physics hence cannot be applied to the big bang which created the laws.
B: All current theory suggests time began with the big bang, hence you cannot ask what caused it, as there was no "before".

You won't like that, because you're stuck viewing stuff from a human perspective, stuck looking at the world in terms of everyday reality, as soon as you start studying relativity, and quantum mechanics you realise that the way we imagine the world is not at all like the way the world "is".

04-22-2002, 09:51 AM
I agree totally with Clyde !!

on a different tangent, its interesting to note that an atom is mostly empty space. our bodies are so much empty space that x rays and particles etc pass straight thru.
so much empty space that even 'conventionally' you could squash all the earth into something the size of a football !!

and originally, the whole universe was something like the size of a football !!!

so the whole universe is nothingness really !!!

also interesting, at the big bang anti-matter and matter was formed, when they contact each other they annihlate each other giving off tremendous energy....there was a very slight imbalance so that there was a tiny tiny tiny tiny fraction more matter than antimatter, this tiny fraction is the universe.
the whole universe is a bit of 'waste' left over !!!!!!