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03-26-2002, 04:42 AM
just wanted to announce that I just registered. I used to login with another name but just forgot the password as I'm back in these forums after a very long gap. So it is with a new name this time.


03-26-2002, 06:19 AM
Glad you're here, new guy. Why don't you fetch me a cup of coffee?

04-05-2002, 12:35 AM
Nothing comes free.
it will cost u ...

Series X4 1.0
04-05-2002, 01:12 PM
Hi. I'm Series X4 1.0, and I'm suicidial most of the time.

I like explosives and chemistry for the moment, I enjoy blowing things up, it's so beautiful.

04-05-2002, 02:09 PM
Deckard, go fetch me a cup of coffee.. i've been here for since before these boards came into existance (as AranElus and EchoKnight). :D