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03-23-2002, 01:30 PM
Most amazingest radiohead song ever
You stop the crowd
I cried out to break the spell
You wake and smile
I just snapped and lost control

Distracted by irrelevance
The stress and the tension
The stress and the tension
I'm in a lull

There's nothing so dull
As talking, talking 'bout yourself
But what I meant to say
I'm sorry that I lost control

Distracted by irrelevance
The stress and the tension
Crawling through the keyhole
I'm in a lull

03-23-2002, 01:44 PM

Who´s she
Blowing kisses from the catwalk
Tell me
I really gotta - know!

Since when
Did you need another girlfriend?
Since when?
I really gotta - know!

She´s been fakin´since day one
A friendly kiss includes no tongue
Who´s she - Tell me
Now she´s sleeping in my bed
Oh God I wish that she was dead
I need to know - who´s the Bimbo?

Who´s she
Looking goofy in a Gucci-dress
What´s that
I really gotta - know!

Wich bone
In her body should I break first?
Wich one?
The Bimbo´s gotta - go!

I know - it´s sad
Sometimes I just loose my head
Boy I am getting so mad


Seen on tv today and promptly downloaded... it's awesome. The mixture of aggressive music and sad voice fits extremly well to the feelings of losing someone...
( yeah, from a womens perspective, but nevertheless touching... )

Quote: "B*tchy, beautiful, and a hell of a lot of fun, Lambretta's "Bimbo" may just be the song of the year. "