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03-16-2002, 11:36 AM
I already asked about this problem on allegro.cc message board but no one seemed to have an answer..

So here goes: I have a game coming up that has a small scripting engine. I'm currently programming the part where the script is read from the datafile. I have to use quite a lot of char *'s and such memory manipulations as strdup() and char .. = new char ..

I mentioned that because I belive this error has something to do with it: When linking I get the following message:
the error was: Permission denied (EACCES)
no errors.

After this the program can be run under rhide, but when run under dos it says there's not enough memory to load the program, and windows says it's not a proper win 32 application.

It gets even stranger. Today I browsed through the source code of my game and added some code and changed some parts and this EACCES error seemed to go on and off. Well after a few times of desperate trying I decided to do something else and worked with one of my older programs and guess what? When compiling the other program I got this same EACCES thing again, which has never occured on this project.

Oh, and one more thing, always when I get that error, djgpp seems to create a projectname.000 or 001 .. file that has the whole source in some kind of compiled form.

Thanks for your time & help.

03-29-2002, 06:43 PM
If it's not some kind of virus or a software bug, I would just check all the options. Borland compilers won't warn you, but will just act completely unpredictably and inconsistently, if all the options don't match. Also, just because DOS doesn't have enough memory doesn't mean that it's incompatible with DOS. If you're using Windows, unless your program is so old that djgpp didn't even exist when that version of DOS was widespread, than it should also run DOS programs - I mean they're both MicroSoft! So I think everything points to either a virus or bug in the compiler, or platform incompatabilities.