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03-06-2002, 03:09 PM
Hi guys.

Firstly, sorry the advert.

Seccondly, for those who visit the ipb forums, my appologies for it being down today (web, 6, march). I had a slight database problem.

Anyway, this has been fixed. Also we have now finnished the upgrade. WHoohoo! Brand new boards!!

Thos of you who do visit / moderate, please feel free to test the new forums.... its still slightly buggy, but this will be fixed with your help.

My thanks to the mods here for this post! You guys are the best!

--Jock (www.forums.iainpb.com)

ps: the boards on ipb forums is in no way competing against cprogramming. Any boards foudn at cprogramming, will not be found at ipb.