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04-26-2009, 03:43 PM
I would like to say hello to everyone and introduce myself.

I've been programming for years. But I've always done it for fun.
I have started programming when Quake 1 source code
got released. I was a kid back then, and I started by playing
with variables. Soon I ended up creating pretty complex mods.
At some point I needed to write a general purpose program,
and thanks to my past experience with QC it was pretty easy
for me to learn the basics of C.
Although I wrote code in many languages(Pascal, C++, Basic,
Delphi, Assembler, PHP), I always go back to pure C.
Now I don't even go back to C++ now, because playing
around with C gives me more fun and less frustration(Maybe
I'm just incapable of comprehending power of object oriented
Because I'm doing a programming project for fun every couple
of months my skills are ALWAYS rusty. I have several friends
who are programming as well, but I end up helping them, and
I don't have anyone that I could as when I don't know
something(even google doesn't know all the answers).

I'm looking forward to spending some quality coding time
with you guys! I know I'll learn a lot here!



04-26-2009, 04:05 PM
Nice to meet you. Don't wrap your text, though. I believe there was a guy in the past who did the same thing and it didn't fare well with the forum patrons.