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04-16-2009, 11:27 PM
Do a barrel roll -- with the IOCCC flight simulator (banks 1998) I'm running it under cygwin and it's really entertaining

#include <math.h>
#include <sys/time.h>
#include <X11/Xlib.h>
#include <X11/keysym.h>
double L ,o ,P
s[999],E,h= 8,I,
1E3,r,t, u,v ,W,S=
a,B,A=32.2,c, F,H;
int N,q, C, y,p,U;
Window z; char f[52]
; GC k; main(){ Display*e=
XOpenDisplay( 0); z=RootWindow(e,0); for (XSetForeground(e,k=XCreateGC (e,z,0,0),BlackPixel(e,0))
; scanf("%lf%lf%lf",y +n,w+y, y+s)+1; y ++); XSelectInput(e,z= XCreateSimpleWindow(e,z,0,0,400,400,
0,0,WhitePixel(e,0) ),KeyPressMask); for(XMapWindow(e,z); ; T=sin(O)){ struct timeval G={ 0,dt*1e6}
; K= cos(j); N=1e4; M+= H*_; Z=D*K; F+=_*P; r=E*K; W=cos( O); m=K*W; H=K*T; O+=D*_*F/ K+d/K*E*_; B=
sin(j); a=B*T*D-E*W; XClearWindow(e,z); t=T*E+ D*B*W; j+=d*_*D-_*F*E; P=W*E*B-T*D; for (o+=(I=D*W+E
*T*B,E*d/K *B+v+B/K*F*D)*_; p<y; ){ T=p[s]+i; E=c-p[w]; D=n[p]-L; K=D*m-B*T-H*E; if(p [n]+w[ p]+p[s
]== 0|K <fabs(W=T*r-I*E +D*P) |fabs(D=t *D+Z *T-a *E)> K)N=1e4; else{ q=W/K *4E2+2e2; C= 2E2+4e2/ K
*D; N-1E4&& XDrawLine(e ,z,k,N ,U,q,C); N=q; U=C; } ++p; } L+=_* (X*t +P*M+m*l); T=X*X+ l*l+M *M;
XDrawString(e,z,k ,20,380,f,17); D=v/l*15; i+=(B *l-M*r -X*Z)*_; for(; XPending(e); u *=CS!=N){
XEvent z; XNextEvent(e ,&z);
N-LT? UP-N?& E:&
J:& u: &h); --*(
DN -N? N-DT ?N==
RT?&u: & W:&h:&J
); } m=15*F/l;
c+=(I=M/ l,l*H
+I*M+a*X)*_; H
)/S; K=F*M+(
h* 1e4/l-(T+
a=2.63 /l*d;
X+=( d*l-T/S
*(.19*E +a
)-M* v +A*
Z)*_; l +=
K *_; W=d;
"%5d %3d"
"%7d",p =l
O*57.3)%0550,(int)i); d+=T*(.45-14/l*
X-a*130-J* .14)*_/125e2+F*_*v; P=(T*(47
*I-m* 52+E*94 *D-t*.38+u*.21*E) /1e2+W*
179*v)/2312; select(p=0,0,0,0,&G); v-=(
)/107e2)*_; D=cos(o); E=sin(o); } }

It uses X windows and compiles using the following

#! /bin/sh
cc banks.c -o banks -DIT=XK_Page_Up -DDT=XK_Page_Down \
-DUP=XK_Up -DDN=XK_Down -DLT=XK_Left -DRT=XK_Right \
-DCS=XK_Return -Ddt=0.02 -lm -lX11 -L/usr/X11R6/lib

I also was procrastinating doing java coding (:rolleyes:) and I learned how to use autoconf tools! Pretty awesome I think -- I survived make distcheck so I'm pretty happy. Here's a link if you want my autoconf setup

banks-1.0.tar.gz - zxcvbn - ioccc flight simulator - Google Code (http://code.google.com/p/zxcvbn/downloads/detail?name=banks-1.0.tar.gz)

Basically the usage is that it contains these scenary files and you run it like so --

cat horizon.sc pittsburgh.sc | ./banks
cat mountains.sc bb.sc | ./banks

Try it out :)

04-17-2009, 02:04 AM
That is very cool!

And I got an integer overflow :D. (I think that means I crashed or something)

04-18-2009, 10:06 PM
Yea I think so, the crashing sequence is so funny it tumbles and then int overflow

Barrel roll :]