View Full Version : da's behold

02-14-2002, 10:47 AM
hey...da...i got your behold running on one of my school comps...but it is not running correctly.

It runs in either 16 color or 256 color...i cant tell...and looks pretty weird...i have tried pressing buttons to do stuff, but nothing happens...when i move the mouse there are like 3 things that move around...its just weird...

what would consider the problem?

02-14-2002, 12:17 PM
That's what's sposed to happen, isn't it?

02-14-2002, 04:42 PM
it's the wrong pixel format that's causing pixels to be mismapped. when i got my new graphics card i had to switch to 24-bit from 32-bit... and in future versions i'll have differentiation between the two and a possible mode select... as of now you can either run the b version, the one with the 16-bit format, or wait for me...