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02-10-2002, 06:18 AM
One of the basic laws of the Dutch system of laws is that one may display his opinion, whatever it is. A different law, the most basic basic law, the so called "Artikel 1 van de Nederlandse Grondwet", which is the first law of the Dutch basic laws, states that discrimination upon one's background, religion, skin of face etc. is not allowed. So saying or displaying your opinion is something else then really executing the opinion. I don't know if executing is the correct English word for it. But what I mean is something like this: you may say you hate the queen, but you may not kill the queen.

Today I saw a lot of threads where someone posted: please close this thread. Just because someone displayed his/her opinion and someone else didn't agree or thought the discussion might go about something else, something irrelevant.

Tolerance means accepting the opinion of someone else, even if you totally don't agree with it. If someone displays his/her opinion and you don't agree, why not just ignore that posting?

Threads would lead to much better discussions if people:
1. Post only about things which are relevant for the discussion.
2. People don't react on postings that are irrelevant for the

What about that?

02-10-2002, 07:06 AM
If you feel someone is always posting irrelevant posts you can always add them to your ignore list, then you don't have to read their posts.
I should point out that I don't have anyone on my ignore list as I think all posts are as importrant as each other. Many times a so-called irrelevant post has thrown a spanner in the works of somebodys "I'm better than all of you thread", long may it continue.