View Full Version : Happy 4th of July everyone

07-04-2008, 09:48 AM
and remember, nothing says 'I'm an American' like blowing ........ up :D

07-04-2008, 09:57 AM
Happy 4th to you too! So far, it's been a good day. It's not 11am yet, and I've walked 3.5 miles, played Tennis, watched my wife make Blackberry cobbler, fixed several squeaky door by oiling the hinges, and watched a lot of the tornado movie "Twister" on T.V.

Slated for later: laying out on the float in the pool to get some rays (if the clouds blow away), fishing in the neighborhood lake, cooking hot dogs for lunch on the grill.

No fireworks bought this year, but I will let off most of the homemade smoke bombs I made a couple months ago - probably close to 20 of them (1" by 5" cylinders).

Not sure what I'll do this evening. :)


07-04-2008, 10:06 AM
Happy 5th of July!

I remember a trivia game that had a question like "do they have the 4th of July in England", and now I can see why that was supposed to be a trick question :)

07-04-2008, 10:44 AM
Remember, Remember, the 5th of... oh, wrong date. Anyway, happy fourth.

07-04-2008, 12:13 PM
Technically I think Independence Day actually occurred on the 2nd of July. The 4th is when the document was printed. That is if my history serves me right.

I'm definitely a patriot regardless if I agree with everything my government does. But disagreeing with elected officials is all part of the system. America is far from perfect but I love her still.

Irrespective of my views on the war, to the troops in harms way today I heartily salute you.

07-04-2008, 12:47 PM
WOHOO! :p I love 4th of July, because the next day is my birthday! AMERICA YEEHAW!!!

Mario F.
07-04-2008, 12:59 PM
I'm definitely a patriot regardless if I agree with everything my government does.

Who was it that said, It's the rule of the government to institute, and that of the population to contest? Or something like that.

Anyways, Happy Birthday USA.

07-07-2008, 04:16 PM
I spent my ........ing fourth transferring fuel to an oil rig.

But my company pays double on the fourth! Woot.

07-07-2008, 04:46 PM
Hehe next time steal some oil for me would ya.

07-09-2008, 03:17 PM
We were leaking about 10 gallons of diesel per hour from the starboard main engine for like two weeks before we got it fixed. All the fuel was collected and dumped into the 'dirty oil' tank. I could've made a killing if I could have got it off the ship.