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    Apple IIE

    Has anyone ever programmed on an Apple IIE before besides me?
    If you have, what kind of things did you do?

    I used to do graphis in for next loops.
    Make random graphics spin around the screen fading to the middle (kindof tyedied looking).
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    Man that's a long time ago (back in school), so I only had a few hours a week of machine time.

    From what I can remember, I used to write code to draw lissajous figures (here and various other graphical effects.

    The one part which really had me baffled as I recall were shape tables. IIRC, these were oddly coded 'icons' for want of a better word, and there were no tools to help (of course now I would write a tool). I could never get my asteroids space ship to rotate properly
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