I've published to http://cpwiki.sourceforge.net/Boost an article on the Boost library.

This page serves as a central area for the discussion of the several libraries. The objective is to provide information on this most excellent library collection.

Anyone wishing to contribute, please do. Create, edit, delete at will.

It would be interesting to have each individual library discussed in some detail. This is however not easy to achieve and may take some time. What would be more interesting however, would be for, at the very least to have minimal information (info on what the library's can achieve at the very minimum) for each of the libraries.

I will try and fulfill that objective for those libraries that show with red links. I'm allowing myself 1 full month during which time I will be adding new pages for each library with minimal information (except for those where I feel qualified to discuss in more detail).

During that time, please feel free to edit me, or even add your own.