Thread: how the f*c* can something like this happen

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    how the f*c* can something like this happen

    Its just been pn pur news tht a UK hospital lost the body a baby that had died there - it accidentally ended up being washed in the hospital laundry.

    This is completely true (no sick remarks please)
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    I saw that story on the web this morning. Apparently the body had gone through a 95C wash cycle, and although, "in one piece" had multiple fractures. Somebody in the hospital has been suspended over the incident.
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    Just suspended? Jesus - that guy should lose his job... What - were the shirts he was washing baby-colored or something?

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    Nothing unusual there, mate. It's just called throwing the baby out with the bath water.

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    Well, although it is bad, when you think about it baby was already dead so you know the baby didn't suffer from this. But I just saw one really sick news report today. Apperently a baby was born in Mexico and they had run out of incubators (sp?) so they put the baby under a lamp, but apparently forgot about him and they went partying. Well it turns out that the baby died......guess why? The hospital is saying that the baby died of "natural" causes or something like that because it was born premature.
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    The baby was covered by a blanket or something so it must have just got chucked in the laundry bin by accident.

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    Read the article and took offense to one thing. The term undertaker. Now perhaps this term is still used in England, but I feel it is an antiquainted (sp?) term. Being a licensed Fuenral Director/Embalmer, I preferred to be referred to as a Funeral Direction/Embalmer.

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