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    Nit-picking. None of you are wrong. But that doesn't contradict citizen's argument. On the contrary, it reinforces it.

    I could say, in the same line of though - and be completely correct - that I am at the center of the observable universe. Not earth or any of you.

    Citizen was instead contradicting the homocentrism expressed in the bible and by most religions, by observing that the center of any observable space is always relative to the point of observation and is fixed in time.

    We are able to see equally far in every direction
    This may not be the case at all if you live near - and are under the effect of - certain phenomena that heavily distorts space-time fabric like black or white holes. Your perception of the observable universe may differ depending on which direction you are looking.
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    You can begin by providing a link or another reference to this aeghion flux theory you speak of.
    I already tried to address this issue for you:

    I haven't heard of aeghion flux before, though. Google hasn't either.

    What languages do you speak?
    Not 'may'. It does warp spacetime.
    That is the same line of thinking introduced at the start of the theory (although I don't really understand that comment as it doesn't seem to contradict, much less enhance anything). But, anyway, seeing as how we are on the same page with at least something, the theory hypothesizes that the 'flux' "through" spacetime of the conversion of mass into energy gives massive quantities the characteristics necessary to propagate at the speed of light. From an outside observer, it 'looks' like a 'piece' of mass is traveling 'at' the speed of light. What is *really* going on is that the massive particle acquires e-m wave properties, propagates, and as soon as the 'flux' of mass into energy ceases, it is no longer possible to maintain this state and the massive particle obtains pure mass properties once again. So, you see, what's really going on is that 'mass' is being synthesized into an equivalent energy with e-m wave properties. This is possible because the electric and magnetic flux of a photon has energy stored inside of these perpendicular fields, and according to e=mc^2 also contains momentum and exhibits mass characteristics, as demonstrated by the photo electric effect. Because you can calculate the amount of energy stored within a photon, you can also calculate the equivalent momentum change when it interacts with other massive objects.

    The theory also goes on to prove that this process is the only process (in the universe) which is both real and isentropic (constant entropy process). If this were not the case then the conservation of mass and energy principles would no longer hold.

    The example given in the theory is the effects that the nuclear bomb detonations on hiroshima and nagasaki had, and how far matter could be propagated through space during the flux effects from the sudden release of energy. It is interesting to note that these had ridiculously minute effects.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BobMcGee123 View Post
    I already tried to address this issue for you:
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