I read somewhere that women where put on earth to be mens match, so to the female viewers I mean no disrespect.

As I caress the keys, the excitement, desire and intensity is always the sameas the very first touch. I peruse the pages and lines of code and I am mesmerized; by style of her body, by the curvature, by the length, and by the fullness her.

On a level that she and I can only comprehend. It starts, you all know the subtle gestures, the coy remarks, the surreal glances...foreplay. I'm lulled into a false sense of domination but at this point, I'm her thrall.

Our relationship has begun. Isn't it always so blissful in the beginning? As time passeswe are engulfed with each other. We cannot resist the temptation to perfect if only to add to our longevity. It is now when we find ourselves at ends with each other. Both of us will complain, and eventually whine, but when she starts nagging, I will succumb. A common man's kryptonite!

Now determination sets in, we decide to find common ground. To work through the problems that keeps us from achieving our goals. The fire is rekindled and we remember why we engaged in this journey. A calm ignites the fever that was lost to us.

Everything has been hashed out and we are on a first name basis again. From this we have learned some valuable lessons, mistakes that we will try to avoid, but we know that we will run into them again. In the end all trials and error make us stronger.

Partners we are for now and forever and over time their will be issues of neglect, trust, and infidelity. Inevitably, an understanding all of us has come to is that C\C++ will be a major cornerstone of our programming existence.

Or I am full of sh** and I program because I can!!!