Thread: Whats the deal?

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    Whats the deal?

    Why do certain people feel the need to attack because of "less boring code". I'm sure we have all seen the "hello world" sample code. Well in my opinion that is lame. I see no reason why I cannot change this to something more fitting to my humor and personality. "john wayne was a nazi" is NOT profanity.

    Most people seem to understang that this is just nothing. That it is just a change of input, that the programmer(me) likes.

    It's almost like this certain member has a personal "beef" with me. I have done nothing. I know now that useing profanity is forbidden, yeah yeah PG-13 I'm cool with that. So whats the deal, man?

    You know if I could afford school I would go. So I wouldn't need to use this. But this is America, and when you already have loans that need to be paid back, it's not a "cup of tea" to just get more money without killing yourself with debt. Its bad enough.

    I am getting very P........*ed off with all the negitivity.

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    don't air your dirty laundry in public.

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    #include <iostream>
    int main(void)
       std::cout << "John Wayne was a die-hard Nazi!";
       return 0;
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    This thread is done. Don't start posts in GD to complain how you were treated in another post.
    Personally I find your 'humor and personality' have poor taste.

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