Thread: propogation of open source

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    propogation of open source

    I have a function that I am adding to an open source library (CxImage). The function is in its own file and does not use any of the original libraries code, except to call some of the functions in the library. What I'm wondering is will this cause that function, which is currently closed source to become open source, or can we maintain that file as closed while still providing the rest of the library code as is to the public? This one function isn tthat big of a deal, sicne it realyl just wraps the functionality fothe library for a specific type of conversion, but we may want to add more functions later on that are more proprietary. I am sure the CEO will be passing this by a lawyer, but I wanted the general opinion on the matter prior to suggesting this course of action.

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    I would say it depends on the license. For example, the LGPL allows proprietary code to link with the library, while the GPL does not.

    Since the library you're using is released under the Zlib license, you can probably do this:
    Copyleft No
    Linking from code with a different license Yes
    There you have it.

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    You can do pretty much everything with zlib-licensed stuff, except claim that you wrote code that you didn't, or remove the license statement.
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    OK, thanks guys, just didnt want the boss having a caniption fit because 30 lines of code had to be released.

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