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    Exclamation RobotiX 08: Online Coding Event!

    Robotix 08

    Robotix is the asia's biggest technical festival which lures thousands of teams from all across the world to Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (India). There are many of Autonomous and Mechanical Events organised each year, and each of these events is unique in its problem statement and rich in competition and Prizes.

    Apart from Robotics events , Robotix also organises Online Coding Event called MISSION MARS which requires you to code a part of the template which will simulate the behaviour of bots when sent to Mars. It is a perfect challenge for those interested in Multi Agent Artificial Intelligence. So you all are invited to participate in the event, and submit your code ONLINE.

    The Main Features are

    : Sponsered by GOOGLE
    : More than 1000 $ Prize Money
    : Online Submission!!! No need to travel to participate
    : International EVENT!!

    FOR further Details WWW.ROBOTIX.IN

    Best of Luck :thumbsup:

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    A direct link to the contest page itself (which is for c or c++ or java) is:
    CProgramming FAQ
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