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    Caught red handed

    Don't you hate it when you are caught doing something you shouldn't be doing? What a horrible feeling it is...

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    That's why you should always allot more time than you think you will need for disposing of the body.

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    Oooh, what were you doing?...

    I threw a waterballoon at a chicken when I was
    8. I didn't know that the owner of the chicken
    was right there.

    I was 8, so take that into consideration before
    you send PETA after me. I would never throw a
    waterballoon at a chicken now...

    Oh, um, also, I think I may have been connected
    to another incident that involves waterballoons,
    this time with Squirells, though. I didn't throw
    any at the rodents, but I was there. I told them
    to stop, but they wouldn't listen. Why wouldn't
    they listen?? Why?!!? I was, I think, 12.
    Staying away from General.

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    Never been caught, lead weights always do the trick. You just have to tie them on extra tight.

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    When I was twelve, two friends of mine and I slid this mattress onto the road around the this 25 mph blind turn. The cars were going slow enough that it didn't really matter, and it was funny to us at the time to watch (from the bushes) them either drive over the mattress or get out to move it. Every time someone moved it, we would come back out and slide it back.

    Well we were sliding it and we saw a cop coming down the road. We quickly scampered over a nearby 6 foot wall (2 meters) and hid. When we looked, the matress was moved. Well like idiots, we climbed back over the wall and slid it back. All of a sudden we heard "Hey. Stay right where you are!" The cop had seen us jump the wall and had driven around to the other side (the side we were just hiding on).

    We thought of running because we didn't think he could make it over the wall (he was shorter than me), but the only place to run was a 2 mile long field. So we gave up. We jumped over the wall. He put us in his cop car and said we were old enough to know better. Our disgruntled parents picked us up an hour or two later at the police station.

    That was a bad day...

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    Oh... and this one is even better.

    I was at the Grand Canyon with my parents and sister. My mom and my sister needed to use one of the portable toilets that were lined up in a row near the canyon. So they went.

    Well I decided to goof around with my sister and walked over to the toilet and shook the crap out of it. I mean this thing almost tipped over.

    My dad looked over and said, "What are you doing!?" Just then my sister walked out of the stall next to me. I said, "Uh oh." My dad then waved us over and all three of us hid behind a rock.

    A little hunched over old lady walked out of the toilet that I just shaked. She looked a bit wobbly and had a cane.

    I felt bad, but god it was funny.

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    Well once I was driving a motorcycle (in a foreign country) without a license or registration, I was pulled over by a cop I thought about making a break for it but though better of it. People believe me when I say this your rights are respected here in the states they listen to you here. They didn't even give me chance to make a phone call for like 3 hours. One of this cops thankfully went ahead and told my mother what had happened and my mom being a lawyer got me out after paying a small fine. Believe me I was scared, people started calling me (inmates), ( I was not locked up in a cell because I was underaged, but I was outside right next to them). I was so scared when these people were making sexual remarks at I don't ever want this to happen again, not to anybody. It is bad, really bad, here in the states you have rights, over there you're not always as lucky.
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