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    Quote Originally Posted by MacGyver View Post
    I suspect this will be like the "clear law" that the the publishers and writers of the pictures in the Dutch papers were guilty of death.
    Mistaking Denmark for the Netherlands is risky in a debate of this nature

    The question is though, would the Sudanese have reacted differently if it was a teacher from Sudan that had named a teddy bear after the prophet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neo1 View Post
    Mistaking Denmark for the Netherlands is risky in a debate of this nature
    Sorry, that was rather silly of me.

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    My local newspaper reported that Mrs Gibbons was pardoned by the Sudanese president 8 days into her sentence. It was after the president met with two British peers who are Muslim.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bjarne Stroustrup (2000-10-14)
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    Quote Originally Posted by PING View Post
    I dont get this.. these people make a big issue out of such a small thing. They should be concentrating on improving living conditions and eradicating hunger from Sudan, and they are more concerned about someone naming a cute teddy bear mohammed.. I dont know much about islam, and i dont know whether it is a crime to name someone mohammed, but if it is a crime, i must say it is a very stupid law.
    These dudes manage religion to be used as a machine to drive the attention of this ignorant people from the real issues of the country. Amazes me the fact that this people start a "revolution" for the name of a teddy bear and act in order to solve their real issues which handicap their people.

    Quote Originally Posted by Thantos View Post
    While I don't share Sudan's view of using religious law in such a way I don't see what the problem is. The teacher should have known what the country's laws were before going there. If she was unwilling to follow the laws then she shouldn't have gone. If she was unaware of the laws then that just shows poor planning.
    15 days sounds about right for a minor offense.
    Thantos it is clear that you have no idea about what you are talking. I've had the bad experience, IMHO, of living with muslins. When you refer to the fact she was not aware of "the law" I bet my ass that you haven't thought that this "law" is inside of a book created in the following way:

    "The Qur'anic verses were originally memorized by Muhammad's companions as Muhammad recited them, with some being written down by one or more companions on whatever was at hand, from stones to pieces of bark."

    And I assure you can can read this as you wish as any book you can find 2000 interpretations for the very same combination of letters. Also the writings haven been manipulated to cope with the interest of a given class of people who ruled the country.

    About the respect of the government to others people culture.
    From Wikipedia:
    A letter dated August 14, 2006 from the Executive Director of Human Rights Watch found that the Sudanese government is both incapable and unwilling to protect its own citizens in Darfur and that its militias are guilty of crimes against humanity. The letter added that these human rights abuses have existed since 2004.[37]

    I would ask in the following way so if the UK states a rule which states that attendants to Muslim religious manifestation in any of the UK territories are condemned to death since it is not the "true" faith of the Royal state (afaik they are Anglican) than those Muslins will call it a Jihad and accuse the world of pursue them and forbid than to follow the "True word of the lord". Also I have lived twice with Muslims and sincerely much of my actual hate by this religion was originated from it. I saw this sons of a dog treating women (we where in Germany) like they were dogs. So they full they mouth up with ***t to claim respect for their beliefs but they pay absolutely NO RESPECT FOR OTHER CULTURES since according to they LSD based vision of the Holly Truth all others are infidels hence forth must be submitted to the true word of the lord. Oh and they don't help you to clean the house since it is women work. So sincerely I think they deserve as much respect as any other criminal.

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