Thread: join and dont post - whats the point

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    join and dont post - whats the point

    why do people join if they dont post? looking at the members lists - there are 222 pages which at 10 per page is 2220 members. From page 172 onwards all members have no posts - thats 50 pages and 500 members have registered and never posted. what is the point
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    They are probaly just jioning so they know whats been posted since they last been here. But looking at the members list I noticed I was #109 in post counts (before this post)

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    Maybe, they join with the intention of posting sometime, and then never come back. I've signed up at a few message boards that I very rarely visit/post at.

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    I remembered the first time you asked this question. It changed my whole life(hmm, lets say on this board). Before that, I was a lurker to. I had registerd but didn't post. My first post (on the new board) was an answer to this question.
    I've been with this board, almost a year and the first 9 monts I had a postcount of max 5. I wasn't registerd on the old board. I posted as wiseguy. I doubt anyone will remember me as that name, otherwise he/she must have a great memory.
    But on behalf of the lurkers. I liked having a name on this board. even if I didn't post. When you come here very often, you'll start to know the regulars and when you have a name here, that will make you a little part of this community(sp?). And when you do make a post, it won't be under unregistered.You'll have an identity.
    I think it is pretty much the same thing as I told you last time. But I'm glad(sp?) I posted on that question. It was the start of many posts. And it is much more fun to post then to lurk around. Thank you for that Iain:;
    Maybe your post will again get some lurkers to unlurk.

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    Its just for that glorious feeling of belonging.


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    Maybe they just do this to take up server memory. A mod should compare different IP's and see if they match up.
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    I don't post MUCH.. but I'm here...

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    ***twilight zone theme***

    Are you sure you are here? What if you weren't and really thought you were...? Maybe we aren't here. Maybe all of us are MEEEEEEEEE! Muuuuwaaaahaahaahaaaa

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    > A mod should compare different IP's and see if they match up.

    Hey, if you want to go through the 2000+ accounts and see if any of the IPs match, you can have my mod wand...

    > Maybe all of us are MEEEEEEEEE!

    No, God, No!!!!!

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    To answer your question, take a look at the C# board. One of the biggest topics there is whether or not they should change it to the Java board. You tell me why people can't be bothered to post.

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